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Roster 360 for Participants

Roster 360 for Participants

Roster 360 for Participants

The process

The Roster 360 Process

The Roster 360 survey is your opportunity to provide constructive feedback to leaders at your company. The goal is to help those leaders improve as well as to create a more engaged team and a more fulfilling workplace. Your candid
feedback will be essential for a successful process.

Getting Started

What to Expect

Step 1


You will receive an emailed invitation from Roster. Click the link in the email, create a password, then log in to get started.

Step 2
Step 2

Answer Questions

Competency questions use a 1-7 Likert scale, where 1 denotes strongly disagree and 7 denotes strongly agree. You have the option to select NA if you have no answer to a question. Surveys also include 3-5 qualitative, open-ended questions.

Most participants finish the survey in 15-20 minutes.

Step 3

Feedback Culture

Your candid feedback helps ensure channels of communication remain open, honest, and supportive.

It also contributes to a growing feedback culture at your company which empowers employees, improves alignment, and builds trust with leadership.

Roster 360 FAQ

What is constructive feedback?

Are my answers anonymous?

Can I stop and come back later?

How long do I have to complete my assigned surveys?

Thanks for your participation! If you have questions or need help, please get in touch with